Visa Application Process

At IJN Law we have helped with thousands of successful applications.  We have extensive experience in dealing with UK Visas and Immigration (the Government department processing your visa application), visa renewals, online applications, appeals and complex matters like deportation and business sponsorship licenses.

We dedicate much of our time in case preparation, making sure our clients receive step by step advice during each part of the process.

Our success rate is down to a few simple steps which involves taking detailed note of your circumstances, advising efficiently from the start and preparing  your case with attention to detail. We know the visa processes inside out, what is likely to cause problems and how to prepare and submit a flawless application so you get your visa first time around.

Step 1 – Book a Consultation

Why not take advantage of our free initial consultation. We won’t rush you, tell us about your circumstances, what your concerns are, or if you simply don’t know where to start!

Step 2 – Get Advice 

Our experienced solicitors will identify your needs and provide a solution. We can advise on your visa route and how to avoid any pitfalls.

Step 3 – Documents Checklist

Receive a tailor-made documents checklist for your application.  This will be drafted using the information you provide during steps 1 and 2. We can even give you templates on how to present your paperwork. For example, templates for your employer, landlord, relationship letters and presentation of your relationship evidence.

Step 4 – File Review

Once you have ticked all the boxes from your documents checklist you can either email these to IJN Law, upload to an online shareable drive or simply post across to us. Our solicitors will then review your documents thoroughly and make sure these are all compliant and in accordance with the Immigration Rules and policy.

UK Visas and Immigration are extremely strict on how your supporting documents are presented. If they are not in the correct format then your application may be refused.

Step 5 – Feedback

Once the file review is completed, we will relay the information to you by phone and in writing. Advice will be given on whether the documents are sufficient, and if not, then what else needs to be done.  Remember, we won’t let you submit any application until we are happy with the documents entirely.

Step 6 – Apply

Once we give you the green light on your supporting documents, we can then complete the online application on your behalf and submit!

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