British Citizenship

There are many different ways to acquire British Citizenship and it can be very easy to apply under the wrong route.  If the application is refused then unfortunately you will not receive a refund.

IJN Law can assess your eligibility and ensure that your application meets all of the relevant requirements, whichever route you qualify under. We can help with:

  • British Citizenship by naturalisation applications.
  • If you have children with a right to child registration as a British Citizen, we can help with those too.
  • UK citizenship through marriage or civil partnership.
  • British Citizenship applications through permanent residence status.
  • British Citizenship through the EU Settlement Scheme.
  • British Citizenship through decent.
  • British Citizenship on a discretionary basis.
  • British Citizenship applications if you have lived in Hong Kong.

There is a good character requirement with British Citizenship applications. This means certain information must be disclosed and may affect your application.

For example, when applying for British Citizenship, you must disclose:

  • Any previous cautions, reprimands, custodial or non-custodial sentences. 
  • Past, present or future court appearances. 

If you fall under this category contact IJN Law and we can discuss how this requirement may impact your application.  The application fee for an application is substantial and therefore you should check all of the requirements with an expert before applying. 

Top Tip

One of the requirements for British Citizenship is to prove your residence in the UK.  A good way to do this is by providing full copies of all your passports held during the qualifying period.

Processing Times

The application can take as long as 6 months to be decided, but applications are often decided much sooner. It just all depends on how busy the Home Office are.  Once approved, you will receive your approval letter and shortly after will receive a citizenship invitation letter.