FREE Visa Refusal Assessment

If your visa has been refused then the first step is to take advantage of our free initial visa refusal assessment. It may be possible to have the decision overturned with detailed grounds of appeal when lodging your appeal explaining why you disagree with the refusal decision. This means you may not need to go through the entire lengthy appeal process or a hearing.

Use our free upload form and send us a copy of your refusal letter.

It is very common for visa applications to be refused given the complex rules and regulations in obtaining a UK visa.  To avoid going through the lengthy and expensive process of an appeal let our solicitors navigate you through all the legal jargon and prepare your application so that it has the best chance of success.

Most visa applications are refused because correct documents were not provided or they were not in the correct format. It might be that specific evidence was not supplied because the guidance on the Home Office website did not specify these, incorrect information provided on the online application forms or non-disclosure.  Another common reason is because advice was sought from family and friends and people who are not experts!

We understand that receiving a refusal can be heart breaking and cause huge disruption to your plans.

At IJN Law we also understand the financial burden associated with a visa refusal.  That’s why we can offer a three affordable options when it comes to appealing and securing your visa.

Top Tip

Did you know?  It is always advisable to lodge your appeal within the specified timeframes above, even where you may not have all of your supporting documents in hand.  There will be will plenty of time to send these in later on.

Make sure you include the correct grounds and reasons for why you are appealing. Not including the correct grounds may result in your appeal not being accepted and therefore not having the best chances of success.  

Timeframes to lodge your Appeal

Most visa applications will have a right of appeal.  This means, if your visa has been refused, then you can challenge the decision through the UK Immigration Tribunals. It is important to take note of the date you receive the decision as there are strict timeframes with notifying the Immigration Tribunal you wish to appeal.

For applications made abroad the appeal timeframe will be 28 days to lodge any appeal. For applications made from within the UK it is 14 days to lodge any appeal.

Same Day Appeal Service

At IJN Law we offer a same day appeal service.  This means we can lodge your appeal on the same day you instruct us. Call us today to find out more.